Stacy C. Notley (President and CEO)

Stacy C. Notley, President and CEO of The Manning Group, knows all too well how devastating debt and poor credit can be when it comes to trying to provide for you and your family. As a result of the Texas real estate collapse in the 80’s, he was left in a state of financial ruin. The virtually nonexistent credit repair and debt management industry left him with no other decision but to tackle the daunting task of reestablishing his finances on his own, in essence becoming his own first client. Mr. Notley was able to become debt free and reestablish his credit rating within one year.

Using financial education combined with hard work he successfully employed aggressive tactics enabling him to reestablish his credit and become debt free within one year.

Having gone through the process of repairing his credit and freeing himself from debt on his own, Mr. Notley’s knowledge base is rooted in real-world experience, giving him the unique ability to sympathize with anyone trying to survive under the heavy burden of debt and the effects that a poor credit score imposes.

Credit problems are not created overnight and only the steadfast implementation of a comprehensive plan of action can remediate them.

credit repair

We Improve Your Credit Score!

Realizing how complex the credit reporting industry is, and how many facets of an individual’s livelihood credit affects, Mr. Notley saw the need for an entity that promoted credit literacy.
Credit problems are often unavoidable:

  • Accident: car / at work / while doing activity
  • Bad business decision
  • False review (someone says something online that is not true, leading to loss of business)
  • Family support (childcare / child support / elderly care)
  • Identity theft
  • Home repair(s)
  • Natural disaster
  • Lawsuit / Judgment
  • Living above means
  • Loss of job
  • Student loans
  • Taxes
  • Economic downturn
  • Death in Family
  • Illness
  • Divorce

What we offer

All can potentially leave a person in financial ruin. As a result, The Manning Group, Inc. was established in 1983. Today it has helped thousands of individuals restore their credit and reestablish their finances.
Let Mr. Notley’s life experience and expertise help you improve your credit and restore your finances. The Manning Group will be the helping hand that you have been searching for to assist you in improving your credit score, eliminating your debt, rectifying any inaccuracies that may exist on your credit report, and educating you on how to maintain a secure financial well-being. You deserve it.