Christmas Shopping Concepts to Keep You Merry!

  • Know what you’re shopping for – make certain to find Gifts for people already on your Christmas list – not people for the “cool gifts” you find while you’re out shopping!
  • Look for GREAT deals – not just OK ones. Patience matters and can really pay off! Ask for unadvertised specials (free shipping, 0% interest, gift wrapping, etc.). 
  • Be informed! Just because the ad you saw says it’s a “BIG SALE,” be sure. Know what the starting price was/is.
  • Don’t give more info than you need to in person or on-line. Hackers are always out there! ID theft is the gift that keeps on giving to someone else!
  • How many stores carry the items you want? Use competition to your benefit. Many companies “price match” and offer other incentives and so do some of the credit cards you use! 
  • Have a budget, not just a wish list and a prayer. Hoping you have enough money when the bills come in is a poor strategy. 
  • It’s never too early to start shopping, but it can be too late. Prices often go up when there’s a limited supply of something and getting the last one might just be the display model (and is missing two pieces)! 
  • Know the “returns policy,” if the gift you buy isn’t perfect. If you have it in writing you have a prayer, if not, it’s just air!
  • Buy the more expensive items with a credit card, not a debit card. In case there’s an issue, you can get HELP from MC, VISA, AMX!
  • On-line vs brick & mortar. Get it now or have it delivered, but when?
  • Just because you like it will they? Ask for gift suggestions from your family and friends, pay attention to what they already have and like.
  • Porch pirates are a serious issue! Have your package delivered to a store near you, your office or someone’s house who’s home during the day. Excuses make lousy gifts! 
  • The sale price is always in large print but be sure to pay attention to the fine print too! Does the item have a limited return date? Is it a no return or non-refundable item? What if it’s the wrong size and doesn’t fit?

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