Everyone has a Hobby: Scammers like to “PHISH”

Almost all of us have received unsolicited and, very often, unwanted phone calls at the most inconvenient times, especially the past 18 months during the COVID pandemic and various restrictions.

These calls range from extended auto warranty offers, roofers promising your homeowners insurance will cover 100% of all repairs, people eliminate your credit card payments, fake IRS agents “alerting” you to recent activity tied to your social security number, recorded calls from hard-to-understand people regarding unauthorized charges on your Amazon, MasterCard, VISA or countless other credit card accounts, etc.  

Be careful…and don’t be fooled just because your iPhone or android caller ID shows the call is from your bank, MasterCard, VISA or whoever!  Those “caller IDs” can be faked.  Your bank will never call you to ask for your password, username, social security number, last deposit, payment or whatever else to confirm your Identity. That ONLY happens when you initiate a call to your bank or credit card company! 

Any time you receive a suspicious “phishing call”, ask questions (why are you calling? what are the last 4 digits of my credit card? where are you located? what was the amount of my most recent deposit?)  OR, better still, simply hang up and immediately call your bank, credit or department store and report this potentially fraudulent call, so they can investigate and alert other consumers!

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