Think of your Equifax, Experian and Trans Union credit reports are a lot like your car, truck or SUV, in the sense that it needs constant care. Once a week (depending on how far your drive) you fill up with gas, every couple of months you change the oil (to protect the engine) and rotate the ties (for better mileage), every 6 months or so, you need a minor tune up to check the fluid levels, replace worn belts, etc.). Every 12 months or so, you need a more extensive tune up.

Your credit report is no different. NO ONE ever gets to a point where some effort is not required to keep and maintain your credit rating and FICO Scores; and ONLY successful people have real credit issues!

Someone who has never used a credit card, run a business, borrowed money, purchased a car or a car or financed a mortgage, doesn’t have credit problems; they usually get paid less too. The “next step”, is to go over your report and see what it needs! Don’t just call anyone, call an expert!

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The Road to Better Credit
The Road to
Better Credit
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