We Improve Your Credit Score!

Most credit repair companies are all about promises.

They only make a one-pass attempt to clean up the easy stuff, but never completely clean up your credit report.

You’ll measure our success by results.

We provide the most thorough Credit Report Analysis in the industry and then use every possible angle to maximize your credit score.

You undoubtedly have run across many companies who promise to increase your FICO credit score quickly and cheaply. That’s just not reality.

Depending upon the severity of your situation, it may take repeated attempts to clean up your report layer by layer, and it may take months to eliminate your debt. We advise you, stand by you and do all the work throughout that process.

We measure by results, not promises.

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Getting Started With Your Credit Repair

  1. Begin by getting a current copy of your 3-Bureau Credit Report. The only cost to have us do this for you is the minimal fee the reporting company charges you. Call 972-458-9100 or email us to order your report and get started.
  2. Analyze the report for every possible negative issue. Typically, most credit repair companies give your report a quick once over for a couple big items that may increase your score a few points. We look for everything, and we provide this analysis for FREE! So it only makes sense to get the most thorough free credit report analysis in the industry.
  3. We’ll contact you to set up a FREE personal one-on-one explanation of our findings and share our strategy of how best to significantly raise your credit score.

We do this in hopes that you will decide to enlist our services to maximize your FICO credit score and reduce your debt (or even show you how to do it yourself) because you recognize the value of our expertise.

Comedy Credit Clinic

Be sure to contact us at 1-888-458-9100 and find out when the next Comedy Credit Repair Clinic is scheduled. Presented by Stacy C. Notley, this is not an event you will want to miss. Priceless credit rehabilitation information will be presented in a very humorous and engaging way!