The Manning Group – History & Mission – Credit Management

“I Never Let My Schooling Interfere With My Education” – Mark Twain

President and CEO of The Manning Group, Stacy Notley, was his own first client. Having been greatly affected by the Texas real estate collapse in the ‘80’s, he was forced to learn how to reestablish his financial standing on his own, as the Credit Repair and Debt Elimination industry was virtually nonexistent at the time. Through the detailed analysis and application of rights provided by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, both of which were created to guarantee definitive rights for the consumer within the credit reporting system, Mr. Notley developed and employed tactics that were essentially unknown and/or unproven at the time. Having such detailed understanding and knowledge of the credit reporting process, in addition to his financial insight and determined work ethic, Mr. Notley was able to become debt free and reestablish his credit rating within one year.

Realizing how complex the credit reporting industry is, and how many facets of an individual’s livelihood credit affects, Mr. Notley saw the need for the creation of an entity that existed to promote credit literacy and help people live a life free of the limitations that poor credit and debt can impose on a person’s life. He is of the belief that no one is immune from credit problems – being laid off, an economic downturn, a death in the family, a lengthy illness, divorce, or any other life-changing event – all can potentially leave a person in financial ruin. As a result, he felt compelled to establish The Manning Group, Inc. in 1983, and has helped thousands of individuals restore their credit and reestablish their finances, achieving a history of client success that very few companies can match.

After living with the stress that goes hand-in-hand with poor credit and debt, Mr. Notley knows what it is like not being able to use credit as a financial tool, as well trying to deal with the numerous unfair ramifications that accompany a poor credit rating. Having survived those difficult times, Mr. Notley ultimately wants to improve the level of credit literacy of the masses, aspiring to assist as many people as possible to repair their financial well-being and to live a life free of credit problems.

Let Mr. Notley’s life experience and expertise help you improve your credit and restore your finances. The Manning Group will be the helping hand that you have been searching for to assist you in improving your credit score, eliminating your debt, rectifying any inaccuracies that may exist on your credit report, and educating you on how to maintain a secure financial well-being so that you can live the life you undoubtedly deserve.

What the Manning Group Credit Repair Services Company Does