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You have undoubtedly heard of credit repair companies in the Dallas and Frisco areas that claim to be able to increase your FICO credit score quickly and cheaply. For those of us in need of assistance in reestablishing our finances and improving our credit score, this is a cruel fallacy. There is no way to delete all the negative items on your credit report simultaneously, nor is there a one-size-fits-all method that can be used to remediate all items affecting your credit score and/or eliminate your debt all at once.

Depending upon the severity of your financial situation, i.e. the amount of debt you have or the number of negative items on your credit report, reestablishing your FICO credit score and eliminating your debt can require numerous targeted efforts, a seemingly infinite amount of correspondence with creditors, and an unimaginable amount of negotiation to clean up your credit report and eliminate your debt.

We realize that you did not get into debt or end up with a poor credit score overnight. In addition to doing all the work required to rectify your financial well-being, we stand by you throughout the entire process of your financial turnaround, providing you the expert advice, guidance, and insight necessary to get you back on your feet. We measure our success by results, not promises.

Our Credit Improvement Services

Depending on your immediate and long-term financial needs and goals, we devise a credit and debt management program that serves as the foundation of a personalized process that will improve your credit score and reduce your debt in a realistic fashion. We explain the details of the credit improvement process to you, helping you understand what your expectations should be, as well as the timeframe that will be required to achieve your goals.

In order to assist you in achieving the biggest improvement in the shortest time possible, we normally begin your credit management profile with Credit Repair and Debt Management. In order to help you keep your FICO score at its maximum level, we also provide on-going consultation, training, and education.

  1. Credit Analysis & Strategy
    We Perform the Most Thorough Credit Report Analysis in the Industry
    Once you have authorized us to order your merged 3-bureau credit report, which shows your FICO score, it will be meticulously analyzed by credit expert Stacy C. Notley, identifying every single negative credit item that may be preventing you from having a good credit rating. Other credit repair companies do perform credit report analyses, but typically identify only the major issues, or negative items that are most easily addressed. Mr. Notley’s analysis leaves no stone unturned, identifying even the smallest of issues, so as to help you achieve the greatest amount of improvement possible regarding your credit score. The only expense for this service is the fee that the credit reporting company charges for the credit report itself, which is $33 for an individual and $48 for couples.

    We Provide a Free One-on-One Consultation

    After thoroughly analyzing your merged 3-bureau credit report, we conduct a free ono-on-one consultation with you to explain all of our findings that are negatively affecting your credit. During this consultation, we will present to you a personalized Credit Management Profile that is tailored to your specific financial situation. Based on what you ultimate financial goals are, we will offer you a clear and understandable perspective on the prioritization of your debt repair needs, and devise a comprehensive strategy that addresses all negative items on your credit report, thereby helping you achieve the highest possible FICO credit score. If you want us to go to work on improving your credit standing, we will inform you of your options and the cost of this service, which depends solely upon the severity of your credit report situation and the amount of work we must perform.

  2. Credit Repair
    We Aggressively Apply Our Credit Recovery Solutions
    After identifying what items on your credit report are the most damaging, we begin the process of improving your credit score by disputing any items that may be inaccuracies or misrepresentations of your financial past and/or personal identity. Due to the abundance of errors that are erroneously reported on thousands of individual’s credit reports, it is paramount to verify your credit report’s accuracy and the reporting done by each bureau. After determining if all items on your credit report are valid and/or accurate, we would then take action to have all invalid and inaccurate information immediately deleted or corrected, as permitted by federal statutes. Having several different methods to remediate negative items on your credit report, we continue to work on improving your credit until the most desirable outcome has been reached, enabling you to achieve the highest FICO credit score possible.
  3. Debt Management Service
    We offer solutions to get you out of debt and serve as your personal advisor in matters of credit and debt management. We’ll help you develop spending priority strategies, set up repayment escrow accounts, and negotiate payment settlement programs. We’ll also educate you on how to accomplish this on your own should you choose that route. We’ll help you find low interest rates, minimize the negative impact of collection accounts, and help you resolve late payment issues with one time courtesy removals or payment plans. We’ll help you determine when you should be able to rent or lease property, buy a car or get a loan approval.
  4. Consultation & Training
    You won’t find many companies whose mission it is to help improve credit literacy, but that is an integral part of our company’s mission. Not only do we serve to assist you in eliminating debt and improving your credit worthiness, but we also strive to improve your credit literacy, educating you in financial matters that will enable you to be proactive in ensuring the financial security of you and your loved ones, as well as how to use credit as a tool that can potentially enable you to enjoy the finer things in life!

    In addition to on-going, periodical review of your credit report, we also provide our clients with one-on-one consultation services regarding most financial matters. If that weren’t enough, we also have various educational materials specific to particular financial matters, books written by Stacy Notley himself that address everything from A to Z involving credit, and our workshop, The ComedyCreditClinic TM, during which Stacy Notley provides an abundance of information concerning credit and how to prevent it from becoming a problem or controlling your life.

  5. Pricing
    We understand that not everyone in need of credit repair has the exact same, or even similar, issues. Because financial difficulties can vary so widely, we create a credit and debt management program specific to each client’s specific situation and needs. Our pricing structure is based on the level of assistance, amount of work, degree of expertise, and extent of correspondence that your individual financial difficulties necessitate. Because of the degree of variation that can exist between the financial problems of individuals, there is no one-price-fits-all blanket solution. We develop a six month plan with the option for renewal on a month-to month basis specific to your situation, providing you with the freedom of indicating what you can afford, in addition to choosing when you are ready to begin. Some Professional Discounts and other payment options are available and can be applied.

“The fact is there is no quick fix for credit worthiness. You can improve your credit report legitimately, but it takes time, a conscious effort, and sticking to a personal debt repayment plan.”

– Federal Trade Commission:Protecting America’s Consumers
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